Custom commissioned religious art

Here is my recent painting, The Crucifixion of Saint Peter, framed and hung in its new home at the North American headquarters of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter in South Abington Pennsylvania.


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Vocation Bronze sculpture

Vocation - Bronze edition of 12   $1,800.00

The crucifixion of St Peter painting
Sacred art book. Available here for $24.95 plus shipping

I believe that art only realizes its full potential when it reaches for the divine. A corollary to this is that an artist only realizes his full potential when he reaches for the divine. Throughout history art has been many things. It has been a slave to the state, a lackey to ego, a prisoner of decoration and in our present age, a captive of the abstracted confusion that is modern thought. I feel that only in reaching for the divine is art liberated from this sad state of servitude.

An Answered Prayer Marble sculpture
A glimpse beyond the veil, the art of Matthew Brooks

An Answered Prayer.- Marble  $4,000.00