Vocation - Bronze Edition of 12

Vocation: A Calling Bronze Edition of 12. $1,800.00

Custom commissioned religious art

Everyone has something they were born to do. A calling or a vocation as it were. There are the obvious callings to the Priesthood and the Religious life and there are also secular vocations. Everyone is called to do something. Whether it's raising children, competing as an athlete, becoming a first responder, or any number of other stations in life, it's a thing that when embraced leads to peace and happiness and if rejected can lead to turmoil and general dissatisfaction in life. 
There are also questions that come up. Who will solve this problem? Who will stand up and defend that? Who will organize support for this? Who will protest that? Generally the answer can be found by looking in the mirror and this, as well, is something that Our Lord's pointing finger serves to remind us of.