Custom commissioned religious art

The Angel Mural,

St Thomas A'Beckett, Barre MA

Part of the renovation was the installation of natural light type bulbs to light the sanctuary. Here you can see the difference the lighting makes. On the left is the regular flourescent light and on the right is the new daylight bulbs. You can see that the dingy colors come alive under the new lights.

This mural was completed in early December 2017. It took about four months to complete from preparatory drawings to finish. The whole church had been renovated prior to my starting work , including paint, carpets, hardwood floors and the stations of the cross. The mural was designed to focus attention on the Tabernacle which had been moved back to the center of the sanctuary and create the feel of an opening into heaven, a place where the earthly (bread) and heavenly (the body of Christ) meet. The adoring angel's garments reflect the four main liturgical colors: Red, Green, Purple, and Pink.